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Niles College is a private vocational institution located in the City of Burlingame, California established in December 2011.


Our school offers numerous educational programs for young adults aspiring to achieve their dreams in the healthcare system.


Niles College's primary directive is to cultivate a love of learning and to supply our students with the necessary tools and technical training, to prepare entry-level registered nurses as providers of care across the health/illness scale and as members of their profession.

Our students after completion of the program will be able to collaborate with other members of the healthcare team, be effective communicators, demonstrate leadership, social consciousness and have a commitment to life-long learning. 


Niles College's goal is to provide a vigorous guidance in day-to-day life education and training in various and multi-ethnic societies.


We are here to educate adults to become highly skilled, compassionate, operational and capable entry-level healthcare providers. 


Fe B.

Business Owner

Fe B. is the Program Director of Niles College.

She trusts that teaching/learning is a constant and collaborative practice. With her years of collective experience, she brings real-world knowledge, clinical skills, and personal passion to your profession.


Her faculty staff provide materials, assets, and direction to simplify learning; however, students must assume crucial accountability for their own learning.


Her faculty recognizes that students are adults with prior knowledge and experiences, and they differ in learning styles and needs; therefore, a diversity of instructional approaches and upkeep services are used to promote student accomplishment. 

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